Reasons to Hire a General Contractor

As a homeowner, you probably have a laundry list of home improvement projects you want to complete. Some may be simple, like changing out all the hardware on your doors, while others require hiring professionals. For bigger projects, the number one mistake homeowners make is trying to piece together all elements of the job themselves which causes headaches, frustrations, and may cost you a pretty penny. If you’re considering a major home renovation, there are five very good reasons to hire a general contractor to help you out.


Project Management

A home renovation is like taking on another job. Creating a project plan, ordering supplies, coordinating crews, handling issues. It’s a lot. A general contractor will take all these tasks (and more!) off your plate and handle them efficiently.


Cost Savings

General contractors have existing relationships with crews and suppliers that results in discounts not available to DIY-ers. Additionally, because you’ve hired a pro, you won’t have to shell out funds to redo something that went wrong.


Risk Management

If you think your homeowners insurance is going to protect construction crew members working on your property or accidental damage, you may want to go back and read your policy. While your insurance may cover a portion of the cost, general contractors hold additional liability insurance to ensure you’re fully covered.


Licensing, Permits, and Building Codes

Do you know all the licenses and permits required to do a home renovation? Are you absolutely certain the work being completed can pass inspection? Is learning about all of this a good use of your time? General contractors know all the ins and outs of legal requirements to get a job done quickly and the right way.


Knowledge and Experience

All construction and renovations have their issues. Weather delays, unexpected issues, supply shortages. General contractors can navigate the surprises and have the knowledge and resources to find quick, cost-effective solutions. They will provide solutions even Google won’t give you because they have a team of experts to tap into. When you hire a general contractor, you’re hiring their years in the field, their network of tradesmen, and piece of mind.

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