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Phoenix Construction Group is creating a community of craftsmen and achieving excellence not seen in the building industry. Thank you to our remarkable subcontractors, designers and staff for helping us build that fellowship through their diligent and focused work. With a productive year behind us, we are intently focused on providing our customers with the continued exceptional services for all of their construction needs. Our portfolio continues, and we are excited about our growing prominence in the marketplace.

Phoenix Construction Group continues to rise above the competition because of our quality, values, and customer service. Utilizing our vast subcontractor base and material purchase power, we are committed to offering our customers top services at affordable prices.

Communication with our customers is one of our most significant assets and something we take great pride in.

While the construction industry has often suffered from the lack of proper communication, expectations, and punctuality, we continue to thrive in these areas and are confident this has contributed to our success. PCG is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and subcontractors. This focus continues to create great teamwork and continuity in a fluid environment.

I want to personally thank all of you that have joined us on this extraordinary adventure and vision. Phoenix Construction Group will continue to be a valued resource and cornerstone in the construction industry!

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